[icecast] Trying to get Icecast running

Bill Brunton bbrunton at intcon.net
Thu Mar 15 04:50:49 UTC 2001

I am trying to install Icecast with liveice on a RedHat 7.0 Linux machine.

I am having nothing but trouble.

Here is what I see:

[root at audio /root]# icecast
Icecast Version 1.3.10 Initializing...
Icecast comes with NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
You may redistribute copies of Icecast under the terms of the
GNU General Public License.
For more information about these matters, see the file named COPYING.
Starting thread engine...
[13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Icecast Version 1.3.10 Starting..
[13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Starting Admin Console Thread...
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Starting main connection handler...
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Listening on host audio.intcon.net...
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Listening on port 8000...
-> -> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Listening on port 8001...
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Using 'audio.intcon.net' as servername...
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Server limits: 900 clients, 900 clients per
source, 10 sources, 5 admins
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] WWW Admin interface accessible at
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Starting Calender Thread...
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Starting UDP handler thread...
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] Starting relay connector thread...
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:33] [Bandwidth: 0.000000MB/s] [Sources: 0] [Clients:
0] [Admins: 1] [Uptime: 1 seconds]
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:55:46] Accepted encoder on mountpoint /liveice from
audio.intcon.net. 1 sources connected
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:57:33] [Bandwidth: 0.000000MB/s] [Sources: 1] [Clients:
0] [Admins: 1] [Uptime: 2 minutes and 1 seconds]
-> [13/Mar/2001:21:59:33] [Bandwidth: 0.000000MB/s] [Sources: 1] [Clients:
0] [Admins: 1] [Uptime: 4 minutes and 1 seconds]
-> [13/Mar/2001:22:01:33] [Bandwidth: 0.000000MB/s] [Sources: 1] [Clients:
0] [Admins: 1] [Uptime: 6 minutes and 1 seconds]
-> [13/Mar/2001:22:02:45] Didn't receive data from source after 10431
tries, assuming it died...
-> [13/Mar/2001:22:02:45] Lost connection to source on mount /liveice,
waiting 30 seconds for timeout
-> [13/Mar/2001:22:03:15] Kicking source 1 [audio.intcon.net] [Client
timeout exceeded, removing source] [encoder], connected for 7 minutes and
29 seconds, 0 bytes transfered. 0 sources connected
-> [13/Mar/2001:22:03:15] Kicking all 0 clients for source 1
-> [13/Mar/2001:22:03:33] [Bandwidth: 0.000000MB/s] [Sources: 0] [Clients:
0] [Admins: 1] [Uptime: 8 minutes and 1 seconds]

 After a while, the connection is dropped due to lack of data.


[root at audio liveice]# ./liveice
Initialising Soundcard
16Bit 32000Hz Stereo 
opening connection to localhost 8001
Attempting to Contact Server
connection successful: forking process

Liveice does not give the nice screen with the level indicators when I
start it with icecast running.


[root at audio /root]# netstat -t
Active Internet connections (w/o servers)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address           Foreign Address         State      
tcp        0      0 audio.intcon.net:8001   audio.intcon.net:1085
tcp        8      0 audio.intcon.net:1085   audio.intcon.net:8001

I can use lynx, and connect to /admin from the local host, but not from
anywhere else. The access list is set to 1 which should allow any

Of course, winamp cannot connect to the server.

I am at a loss as to where the problem may be. Is it liveice, or icecast
that is not functioning correctly? I think I have followed the

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

bbrunton at intcon.net
ATP CFII BE200 BE300 BE300F BE1900 BE2000 BE2000S CE500

The Internet... The place to be!

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