[icecast] reencoding: ices/lame with otto

Darrell Berry darrellb at hhcl.com
Thu Jun 28 11:09:07 UTC 2001

i have installed ices with lame suport (thanks to all who helped!), and 
it happily reencodes bitrates.

i have installed otto, and that too is brillient

however i can't get otto to call ices in such a way that it will 
reencode stuff streamed thru otto...

when i have had ices working with reencoding, i've configured it via the 
xml config file rather than with command line switches

i've edited ottojockeyd to add the -H switch into the system call of ices:

#       "-B",  # this flag makes the ices process detach and go into 
background (async) mode
         "-H 96",
         "-S", "builtin",
         "-h", $icecasthost,
         "-p", $icecastport,
         "-P", $icecastpass,
#       "-b", $kbps,
         "-n", $name,
#       "-g", "Various Specific",
#       "-d", $name,
         "-u", $url,
         "-m", $icecastmountpoint,
         "-F", $playlist;

then killed and restarted jockeyd and all running ices processes

px ax shows that the -H 96 switch is correctly applied when new 
instances start up, but i'm still getting streams at the original 
bitrate...is there something about how otto calls ices and or the other 
switches its applying that is stopping reencoding from working?


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