[icecast] icecast web site

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Tue Jun 26 18:29:17 UTC 2001

> I just tried to write to an e-mail address on the top if the icecast
> website, submit at icecast.org. It came back with user unknown. Maybe
> someone should fix the site?

I'll go fix that.  When we moved not everything got set back up. Some of
those obscure addresses got left out.

> I wrote an IceCast related piece of software, called DarkIce last fall.
> I wrote at that time if I could be added to the 3rd party apps section
> of the IceCast site. Strangely, it's still not there. Could you tell me
> the reasons for this? Is it so that my software is inferior to other
> IceCast related projects? Maybe for some reason I don't qualify? What
> would be these reasons?

Do not take my laziness personally. 

The website is almost always last on my list of priorities.  Right now
i'm cranking out a new website for vorbis.com, so that I never have to
touch it that site again :)

I plan to do a simlar thing for icecast.org as well.  Right now editing
the web pages is not fun, nothing is automated, and everything has to be
maintained by hand.

I'll try and remember to add DarkIce to the projects page tonight.  If
you don't see it by morning, you have my permission to pester me on an
hourly basis (jack at xiph.org).

Sorry for the misunderstanding and thanks for your efforts and support
of the project.


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