[icecast] multiple ices streams and misc other stuff?

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Sun Jun 10 15:30:21 UTC 2001

Brendan Cully <brendan at kublai.com> writes:

> Well, it didn't work until yesterday, when I checked in a new
> version. As a matter of fact it only works with extremely current lame
> CVS, some things in lame were just fixed which would cause the current
> code to crash in versions older than June 7.

Talk about coincidences!  I didn't have time until yesterday afternoon
to try to recompile ices.  I would say you've done a fine job then.
Thank you very much.  Of course the nice folks in the lame development
tree broke a few other things for me.  Now my vorbis to mp3 pipes
appear to have broken.  It looks like they've change some command line
switches although I haven't figure yet just what.  The also removed
11025 sampling rate support which I find very iritating.  I'll have to
see what's up with that, 11025 sound a fuck of a lot better than 8000.

> I have the multiple streams ready and can send you a diff against CVS
> probably tomorrow (have to remerge it with the changes I've made to
> the official CVS). I will merge it into CVS probably early next week,
> I just want to do some more fixes to the main branch so that it
> compiles well (and probably add support for the last released version
> of lame). I want to tag it in a healthy state before checking in my
> possibly destabilising multiple stream stuff.

I thank you very much for the kind offer.  I will happily play with it
if you are looking for real world tests.  If you rather not though, I
don't mind waiting a few days for cvs updating.

Once again thank you for your hard work.


Kirk Reiser				The Computer Braille Facility
e-mail: kirk at braille.uwo.ca		University of Western Ontario
phone: (519) 661-3061

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