[icecast] multiple ices streams and misc other stuff?

Brendan Cully brendan at kublai.com
Sun Jun 10 03:46:34 UTC 2001

On Saturday, 09 June 2001 at 18:41, Kirk Reiser wrote:
> Hi all:  I was just wondering when the multiple streams stuff might be
> checked in to cvs.  I remember the gentleman working on it saying he
> basically had it running?  The reason I'm asking is that I have
> received a number of requests to stream my mp3 stream at various
> bitrates.  I kind of think running three ices streamers is silly if
> multiple streams will be available in the near future.
> And one other point, which isn't a question at all, I believe Jack or
> someone mentioned that ices didn't work with the current lame 3.89.  I
> have successfully compiled ices with the current lame cvs.  All that
> need be done is either change the #include <lame.h> in reencode.c to
> #include <lame/lame.h> or make a symlink in /usr/include to point to
> the lame.h in the lame subdirectory.

Well, it didn't work until yesterday, when I checked in a new
version. As a matter of fact it only works with extremely current lame
CVS, some things in lame were just fixed which would cause the current
code to crash in versions older than June 7.

I'll see about getting autoconf to find lame/lame.h, but you
should also just be able to say --with-lame-includes=/usr/include/lame

I have the multiple streams ready and can send you a diff against CVS
probably tomorrow (have to remerge it with the changes I've made to
the official CVS). I will merge it into CVS probably early next week,
I just want to do some more fixes to the main branch so that it
compiles well (and probably add support for the last released version
of lame). I want to tag it in a healthy state before checking in my
possibly destabilising multiple stream stuff.


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