[icecast] Re: Stallman @ NYU

Gary Lawrence Murphy garym at canada.com
Tue Jun 5 20:58:41 UTC 2001

>>>>> "j" == joly  <WWWhatsup> writes:

    j> One appeal that Stallman did make, which strikes me as
    j> reasonable, is that in normal use when referring to the OS
    j> rather than just the kernel - one use the designation GNU/Linux
    j> .. to give full credit to the GPL community. "Still less
    j> syllables than Windows2000."

(sigh) Except that a typical Linux is less than 50% GNU (FSF)
software, and less than 60% GPL (worse if you measure by the byte), so
to be fair and precise, we would have to call it (take a deep breath
now ...)


and then we get into the argument of who's name goes in what order and
which ones we leave out for brevity.

Where it does get termed GNU/Linux, as with Debian, an immediate
pressure arises to make it _exclusively_ GNU/Linux and prevent the
distribution of non-FSF-approved open source material.

It is better to identify the FSF and GPL (not the same thing) where
they apply, on a package by package basis.

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