[icecast] Re: Stallman @ NYU

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon Jun 25 04:20:45 UTC 2001

> Where it does get termed GNU/Linux, as with Debian, an immediate
> pressure arises to make it _exclusively_ GNU/Linux and prevent the
> distribution of non-FSF-approved open source material.

I think you're reaching to say that GNU/Linux is what caused Debian's
insistence on Freedom.  That was there before there was a debate about

I think RMS has a valid point.  Quite a bit of what we think of as
operating system level software, is under the GPL and/or was made by the
FSF under the auspices of the GNU project.  Certainly many of the major

And you also have a valid point.  It's possible not every Linux-kernel
based distribution is a GNU/Linux.  But I think it's not unreasonable to
claim that a lot are.  Certainly there exist now systems that are
GNU/Hurd, and probably someday we'll see a GNU/Darwin.


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