[icecast] need help/ideas please, oh and answers

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Fri Jun 1 23:50:28 UTC 2001

Jeremiah Stanley <miah at miah.org> writes:

> It is my understanding that you have the highest bitrate stored and you
> just want to re-encode the files on the fly over a stream. You do this
> rather than just store all the different enc rates.

Basically yes.  The material I have available is currently over 30gb
and growing.  If I stored all the various combinations of bit rates
the storage needed would go up significantly.

> Correct my assumption, but can't ices create playlists from perl scripts?

I'm not exactly sure what ices can and cannot do.  I compiled it once
and have updated cvs a couple of times and have not managed to compile it
since.  Now, I haven't spent a lot of time on it exactly either.

> Couldn't you just set the playlist/connections to icecast up by using
> custom mountpoints that are dynamically assigned to the user. I would do
> this by having them login to the website and then 'their' stream is just a
> md5 hash of their username. When the pick a file to stream their bitrate
> is then sent to ices to stream to their 'mountpoint'. Looking similar to
> this:

I do something similar although easier.  I use /mnt- and attach the
pid of the running script to create the mount
points. http://www.my.domain:8000/mnt-21453. I pass that into my
streamer from the script and then make the return url have it as well.

> I guess this is just a question of what limits what you can do with the
> ices perl playlist generation. Is there any documentation on the subject?

I will have to check.  Probably there is in ices/doc.  The icecast
group tend to be very good at documentation.

That raises another question though, what would ices do in the event
of a listener disconnecting before the source finished streaming,
Which is my main difficulty.



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