[icecast] need help/ideas please, oh and answers

Jack Moffitt jack at icecast.org
Sat Jun 2 00:05:47 UTC 2001

> > It is my understanding that you have the highest bitrate stored and you
> > just want to re-encode the files on the fly over a stream. You do this
> > rather than just store all the different enc rates.
> Basically yes.  The material I have available is currently over 30gb
> and growing.  If I stored all the various combinations of bit rates
> the storage needed would go up significantly.

Not really.  Maybe about 50% for all the extra bitrates.  Depends on
what your master bitrate is.

Icecast is still not the right tool for the job here.  You would just be
building a lot of glue to make it do something it was just not meant to

What you want is a perl script.


which would set up a pipe with lame and send the reencoding file back to
the client.

You'll still need the m3u files, or at least an m3u generator:



You could even use apache rewrite rules to turn those into:




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