[icecast] need help/ideas please, oh and answers

Kirk Reiser kirk at braille.uwo.ca
Fri Jun 1 22:17:47 UTC 2001

Jeremiah Stanley <miah at miah.org> writes:

> Exactaly, I would recommend the mod_mp3 project for something like that.
> http://media.tangent.org/
> They are doing almost exactaly what sound like you are looking for. There
> is also the project 'ampache' that takes this one step further and adds a
> MySQL database backend to a PHP front.

Thank you for these links.  I have looked at them and neither of them
seem to provide re-encoding on the fly.  I suppose I should have been
more clear about what I was doing but I didn't expect the flack.  If
someone else has something which will do what I am wanting I will
greatefully use it.  Although I pretty much have it working currently
except for the questions in my first message.

My system works thusly:  Drop an index.html into a directory.  When
someone browses into the directory they receive a standard looking
index.  Any mp3 files have another link below them called listening
booth.  Selecting that link give the user a pulldown bit rate menu and
a start button.  When they select start my streamer re-encodes the
file to the chosen bit rate makes a connection to the icecast server
and starts their browser streaming.

The reason I did this is because a number of users have indicated that
they would appreciate having the ability to stream because either they
have slow modem connections or don't have the disk space to download
the file and listen to it.  Most of my content is over 20mb per file.
As I said earlier, if there is something else which does this I will
happily use it.  My system works pretty well except for a number of
small issues I am still working on.

Any ideas, help or suggestions are certainly appreciated.



Kirk Reiser				The Computer Braille Facility
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