[icecast] Data wont transfer over local network, works through inet.

Jeffrey Noll jeff at taveren.ne.mediaone.net
Mon Jul 30 02:31:35 UTC 2001

Hi, i've recently come into a really strange problem with connecting to my
icecast server.
The setup i have is a pretty typical linux machine using ipmasq to let a
local network onto the inet.
The icecast server resides on on the linux machine. icecast version is

Everything has always worked great until recently. Now, for some reason the
local lan machines can connect to the server, but always get kicked after
~28s with 0 bytes transfered.

> From the linux machine, if i do mpg123 http://taveren.ne.mediaone.net:8000
everthing is fine. However, if I do mpg123 or mpg123
http://localhost:8000 it connects, but just sits there. no data is
transfered. I have hostname commented out in the conf file, and servername
set to taveren.ne.mediaone.net.  From the local network machines whether i
use taveren or 192 network it just connects then transfers no data.

Everything else seems to work just fine, web to that machine, telnet, ftp,
pop, etc. This is something that has worked for probably 2 years until
recently. The only thing that comes to mind is that recently my linux
machine got a new ip through dhcp. I had had the old ip for well over a

my routing table looks like:
Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use
Iface      *        U       0      0        0
eth0    *        U       0      0        0
eth1          *                U       0      0
0 lo
default               UG    0      0
0 eth1

Can anyone suggest anything? This is driving me crazy and since my real cd
player died recently I can't listen to any of my music :(

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