[icecast] I declare ices stable

Natr Brazell brazell at bmh.com
Fri Jul 20 18:57:15 UTC 2001

Here are some specs on the problem I've been experiencing with mine.  
Any advice?

Have searched the archive for this and seen only one other person with 
the same issue however there was no reply to his post.

Here goes.  I installed icecast version: 1.3.10 with shout version: 
0.8.0 on my Redhat 7.1 700Mhz CPU with 128Mb of RAM.  Got the streaming 
to work however I keep seeing messages such as the following from debug 3:

[small excerpt]

-> [15/Jul/2001:11:31:05] [5:Source Thread] DEBUG: Kicking trailing 
clients [1] on id 48-> [15/Jul/2001:11:31:05] [5:Source Thread] Clearing 
cid 48
-> [15/Jul/2001:11:31:05] [5:Source Thread] DEBUG: Kicking trailing 
clients [1] on id 49-> [15/Jul/2001:11:31:05] [5:Source Thread] Clearing 
cid 49


etc.  This interupts the stream badly and will force WinAmp or XMMS to 
drop my server and go to the next selection in the users playlist (if it 

I have modified my default_bitrate variable in the shout.conf file to 
24k as the documentation suggests however T1 connections and cable 
connections keep buffering the file which causes a delay.  I have also 
changed it to every iteration of 24k all the way up to 128k again.  (ie. 
 24k, 48k, 96k...)

If there is more information needed please ask and I will provide.


Runtime Configuration:
Using nanosleep() as sleep method
Using 64 chunks of 8192 bytes for client backlog
Using linux own gethostbyname_r() and getaddrbyname_r(), which is good.
Using posix signal interface to block all sign

Thomas Kirk wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 20, 2001 at 11:13:18AM -0400, AJones! wrote:
>> Where can you get libshout? Ours chokes at roughly 40 users and then
>> can't gain access to the admin sections.
> in cvs i think? The module is called libshout
>> Another questions is about mounts. If you have more than one
>> ie:
>> /ices
>> /ices2
>> /ices3
>> Does this allow you to serve more users?
> Hmm dont know? It should affect your overall performance at least not
> to the worse :) We are running 18 diffrent mountpoints feeding the
> icecast server over 100mbit local network. No Problems at all?

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