[icecast] liveice SAVE_FILE

Joe Bowser bowserj at unbc.ca
Mon Jul 16 19:19:39 UTC 2001

On Mon, 16 Jul 2001, Bruno Randolf wrote:

> does anyone have patch for liveice that the saved files (SAVE_FILE
> directive in the config file) don't get overwritten if liveice is
> stopped and started? i think about something like adding the current
> date and time to the filename...
> or ist there some other solution concerning dump (or save) files?

Well, I like the dumpfile solution myself, because:
        * It's simple.  (I tried to figure out how to do this, but
realize the futility after both ices and MuSE were released.)
        * It's independant to the source.  That way if you decide that you
don't like Liveice (granted it's a good piece of software, but it's
showing its age) you don't have to figure out how to save the file in the
other streamer (let it be darkice, MuSE, ices, etc)

This behaviour by liveice is extremely annoying, expecially when the CRTC
(The Canadian FCC) demands that you must have records of your broadcasts
and someone resets the computer and restarts liveice without knowing this.

BTW: Will ices support live streaming for vorbis?  Or are there other live
streaming sources out there (like MuSE, which I like, but haven't gotten
a chance to really stress-test yet.)

Joe Bowser - bowserj at unbc.ca
Student Director
Education Alternative Radio Society

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