[icecast] Problems building icecast2

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Wed Dec 19 09:51:54 UTC 2001

Àngels Flores wrote:
> Thanks for the help in my last post. I checkout icecast and libshout
> >from CVS and now I have some problems building icecast.
> I read the HACKME file and I follow the instructions but when run
> "autogen.sh" it returns a serial of errors concerning to
> "libtoolize". I suppose this library is missing, but I can't locate
> it. Anyone knows where can I find it? I don't have it on my system
> and I can't found it in CVS.

I don't know of any distribution that doesn't come with precompiled
packages of these tools. For Icecast2 to compile you need autoconf,
automake, libtool, libxml and/or libxml2 and libogg. Search your
installation CDs or check your dist's website, google for it ... those
shouldn't be hard to find, as they are very common tools and libraries.

> Another question is about the other modules like "thread" and "net"
> that are needed for the build. In the HACKME instructions says that I
> have to checkout these modules at ./src directory, but libshout and
> another programs will need it, I'm right? I should to checkout at an
> upper directory? And I suppose I have to compile them?

Aeh no. The HACKME files is right, you need to check out those from the
src directory.

If some other program also needs them to compile, it will tell you in
its HACKME file. It will also tell you where to put them, so if another
programs wants them checked out under the abcdef directory, do it there
or copy over from icecast2.


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