[icecast] Problems building icecast2

Àngels Flores aflores at laviniatv.com
Wed Dec 19 10:31:47 UTC 2001

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> I don't know of any distribution that doesn't come with precompiled
> packages of these tools. For Icecast2 to compile you need autoconf,
> automake, libtool, libxml and/or libxml2 and libogg. Search your
> installation CDs or check your dist's website, google for it ...
> those shouldn't be hard to find, as they are very common tools and
> libraries.  
Sorry, I thought stupidly that libtoolize was a library concerning to
icecast and no a system library. I run to rpmfinder :-)

> If some other program also needs them to compile, it will tell you
> in its HACKME file. It will also tell you where to put them, so if
> another programs wants them checked out under the abcdef directory,
> do it there or copy over from icecast2.

I have a small system, less than 128M for all the system and the
software and if I can save some k's I'm happy... Maybe there is a
method for use the same modules for more than one program?

Thanks another time

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