[icecast] Its my first time installing icecast...and i'm having problems

dj epyon dj-epyon at home.net
Thu Dec 13 18:32:21 UTC 2001

I've installed icecast. Then I run the server in the bg. I can encode to it
from winamp just fine, but I cant seem to stream from it. The icecast
verbose messages say "Kicking unknown #3 (hostmask) [no encoder]" or
something along those lines. Does this have something to do with my
deny/allow settings? Also, when I do a 'sources' it lists that there is a
source on mountpoint 0.

The web admin function isnt working either. I try to connect to it and the
verbose logs say "denied www admin (hostmask) [no mountfile]". What is a
mountfile and how do I specify one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated..


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