[icecast] Icecast & Liveice b.s.

harvey smith harvey at buskers.org
Wed Apr 18 02:33:57 UTC 2001

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, john wrote:

> >Try Ices instead of liveice it's much more stable than Shout, and if
> >you're not re-encoding it wont eat your cpu time. Otherwise you'll need to
> >get an encoder, like lame.
> Unbeknownst to the maintainers of lame, I am fiddling with lame3.70
> on an Alpha Cabriolet. If, and when I get around to it, I will post my source
> for the alpha architecture. I will have a go at ices then..  Do I fork 
> i.e.. Pipe
> the command line with ices and my mpeg3 player, i.e., Mpg123? If so.
> How. I haven't a slightest clue as to how to structure the command line
> in question.

Oh, remember you only need lame IF you are planning on re-encoding you
mp3's on the fly. Liveice always re-encodes (AFAIK), with Ices this is an
option, but only needed if you are planning to stream at multiple
bitrates (ie your mp3's are encoded at 128kbps and you want to stream at
128knbs and 64kbps). If you are only streaming at one bitrate (ie
128kbps) and the mp3's are aready encoded at that bitrate you wont need
lame, just ices (and icecast).

Re-encoding with ices is a config file option (and a compile time option)
so you wont need a special command line at run-time. If you are
re-encoding you could use liveice (as you were trying to do) or ices, but
either way you'll need lame.

I hope that helps, I could be confused (typical for me) of what you are
trying to do exactly.


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