[icecast] playlist script

Mitchell mjs at blitz-technology.net
Fri Apr 6 02:56:39 UTC 2001

Hi, I am looking for  a script  for icecast that will generate playlists
with a few requirements. 

For example, our station broadcasts 3 styles of techno, and it sounds
wierd when you drop a more mello trance style track in the middle of a
hard house style set. so I need to be able to say, play 7 songs of type
1 then 7 songs of type 2 etc. 

Also some songs should get a higher frequency in the playlist then say a
98 classic. 

and finally some way of intergrating it with a web request system, and
having the ability to play a station ID file every 5 songs etc. 

We are currently using icedj, but this is shout based and a bit on the
unstable side, and the scripts I have seen for ices so far don't have
nearly as much functionality, streamcast etc which use libshout, while
having the web request system and a neet telnet interface don't allow us
to have timed programs etc. 

Has anyone written software with this functionality in it already, or in
the process of developing something like this? 

with libshout it wouldn't be difficult for us to write our own package
to do this, but thought I'd ask first before re-inventing the wheel. 

Mitchell Smith

Blitz Technology

mjs at blitz-technology.net

The software said it requires Windows 95 or better, so I installed Linux

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