[Icecast-dev] source buffer

Yaniv Sharon yaniv.sharon at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 02:50:20 PST 2015

I understand. 
about shoutcast / icecast It's something like "you can't compare cucumbers
to tomatoes" :-)


The (default?) values at the configuration file are:


Let's drop the hardware & bandwidth factor (I have enough from that for the
amount of listeners that I serve, almost overkill)

Can you tell what is the recommended values for 128Kbps? (mp3)

p.s: both of the values are in kilo BYTE, is that correct?


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Good morning,

On Mon, 2015-12-07 at 01:18 +0300, Yaniv Sharon wrote:
> I will give a little background...
> For more than 10 years until now im using Shoutcast 1.9.5/1.9.8 win32 
> on my machines. "What's working, d'ont touch".
> Now im changing to ice 2.4.2.
> The flexibility of the ice is great.
> but, because of the things that "hidden" from the eye im little bit 
> afraid to make changes that will be dramatic for the listeners.
> So, for the beginning, at least I want to start with what I use to 
> have and know to work with my machines. As the most of you guys qnow, 
> the shoutcast always was "closed system". So I will try:

I think you're over complicating stuff here. Most beginners do this.
Over configurating the server and breaking it that way. The defaults of
Icecast2 are very carefully chosen and work on very wide range of setups.
Also Icecast2 is not Shoutcast. You can not directly compare them in terms
of specific settings. The engine is very different and many concepts are
very different as well.

I suggest you to set up a Icecast2 server with just defaults but changed
passwords (please do not add a <mount> or alter any other settings but the
passwords). Then set up a test stream to it and try it out yourself and with
some of your users. Test it for a few days. If you got a specific problem in
that test phase we can discuss it here and solve that specific problem.

I think that will work better then trying to make a apple look like a
banana. You can't grow a healthy tree out of that!

Wish you a good day!

 (Rah of PH2)

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