[Icecast-dev] Bug in handling fallback-override clients + patch

Mart van Santen mart at greenhost.nl
Fri Jun 14 03:17:09 PDT 2013


I noticed a bug in the fallback-override handling in icecast 2.3.3. The
bug is as follows:

We use icecast for distributing a continuous radio stream, let's call
this stream "live", with mountpoint "/live"

In our usecase we have a second audio stream, called "event". This
stream is only online when there is a special event. This is on
mountpoint "/event".

Because we want the "event" stream also to be available, also when there
is no event, we've defined an fallback for the 'event' stream to 'live',
as follows:


The expected behavior, when a user is listening to /event, it will
stream /live, and once the event stream is up, the user will be moved to
the special 'event' stream.

This is working fine.

The problem is, icecast is moving 'all' users on '/live' to '/event',
once the event stream get's up.
Also the users who started on '/live' and not to the special '/event'

The bug is that icecast should not move back users who started on the
'/live' stream, but only users who started listing to the '/event' stream.

I've attached a patch to this e-mail to solve this bug. Unforunally my C
is not very well developed, so I hope I didn't make any pointer or
buffer-overflow errors.

They idea is to store the original requested mountpoint in the client's
structure. Once a fallback-override happens, we check with a strcmp if
the client should be moved back. If not, we leave the client on the
current stream.

I tested this code for correct behavior with 6 clients on two streams.
This works all fine, with starting/stopping the source stream "event"
and opening/closing streams.

I hope you can patch this upstream as well.

Kind regards,

Mart van Santen

Mart van Santen
E: mart at greenhost.nl
T: +31204890444
A: Weesperstraat 3, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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