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renato fringuello rfringuello at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 08:41:50 PDT 2012

For example, this station: http://radio.dyne.org:8000/ondarossa.mp3
has got a xspf file?
I obtain a message: Could not parse XSLT file when i try to open it

For the stations that I can't found in yp.xml
       http://stream15.top-ix.org/ondequadre )
it means they aren't on an official database ? because I can hear
them! so they exist!

The project to enrich the APIs is a long term plan? Because I think
this is a very good project and it needs APIs!!

Thanks again for your disponibility and sorry for my english!

2012/9/25 Rücker Thomas <thomas.ruecker at tieto.com>:
> On 25/09/12 16:42, renato fringuello wrote:
> Ok Thomas, I understood, it wasn't intention do like that.
> The xspf file associated to each station is instead real-time updated?
> The XSPF files are generated on the fly, yes.
> Beware they are NOT intended for automatic processing. They are for users to
> browse and click.
> Also the URLs for those XSPF files are NOT stable and may change at any time
> depending on what happens in the database.
> The whole web-interface should NOT be considered an API. We might change it
> without notice.
> The only 'API' right now is the XML file. (We do plan to provide a more rich
> API, but that's still in the planning stage)
> Why not all the stations has got that file?
> I briefly glanced at the website and don't see any stations that don't have
> a XSPF link next to them.
> Care to provide a link to a dir.xiph.org page where XSPF is missing so I can
> investigate the problem?
> Why stations like  and others are not inside
> yp.xml?
> I have manually queried the SQL database and do not see such a stream in the
> database at all.
> Notice that
> a) your web-browser might have cached a station that is no longer streaming
> and thus got delisted
> b) the station might have appeared/disappeared during the last 10 minutes
> and thus there might be a difference
> c) ...
> Hope that helps
> Thomas
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