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Rücker Thomas thomas.ruecker at tieto.com
Tue Sep 25 08:28:14 PDT 2012

On 25/09/12 16:42, renato fringuello wrote:
> Ok Thomas, I understood, it wasn't intention do like that.
> The xspf file associated to each station is instead real-time updated?

The XSPF files are generated on the fly, yes.
Beware they are NOT intended for automatic processing. They are for 
users to browse and click.
Also the URLs for those XSPF files are NOT stable and may change at any 
time depending on what happens in the database.
The whole web-interface should NOT be considered an API. We might change 
it without notice.

The only 'API' right now is the XML file. (We do plan to provide a more 
rich API, but that's still in the planning stage)

> Why not all the stations has got that file?

I briefly glanced at the website and don't see any stations that don't 
have a XSPF link next to them.
Care to provide a link to a dir.xiph.org page where XSPF is missing so I 
can investigate the problem?

> Why stations like  and others are not 
> inside yp.xml?

I have manually queried the SQL database and do not see such a stream in 
the database at all.
Notice that
a) your web-browser might have cached a station that is no longer 
streaming and thus got delisted
b) the station might have appeared/disappeared during the last 10 
minutes and thus there might be a difference
c) ...

Hope that helps

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