[Icecast-dev] libshout crashing during pause

George R. Welch george at grwelch.com
Mon Sep 17 09:29:21 PDT 2012

Hello.  For various reasons I am writing my own source client.

Most things seem to be working well.  Connections work. shout_send() and 
shout_sync() seem to behave as expected.

However, I find that if more than about 10-20 seconds passes between 
shout_send() calls then libshout crashes (takes my client down) during a 
subsequent shout_send().

Are there any rules about how often shout_send() should be called? (Yes, 
I know about shout_sync.)

How can I keep the library from crashing if long stretches of time pass 
with no input to the server?

Background:  What I want to do is periodically stream a file (or 
several) to icecast, but with stretches of time in between with nothing 
playing.  I want the mount-point active so that listeners can connect 
(even if nothing is currently playing). Then whenever my client sends 
another stream to icecast, the various listeners would just hear it.

I don't want to use shout_close() and then shout_open() again after the 
long empty stretches, because then the listeners would have to reopen 
the stream from the server.



PS:  Sorry if there is a separate libshout list.  Please let me know if 
this is the wrong place.

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