[Icecast-dev] Writing Alpha Tags into the comments of an ogg stream

roger roger at eskimo.com
Mon Jul 16 12:03:27 PDT 2007

> Ideally you'd do it with the program which is encoding our stream.  You just 
> start a new ogg stream when you want to change your metadata and use the 
> appropriate tags.
> If this is not possible, you can also do this via Icecast.  It will insert 
> the tags for you, creating the new stream.
> Here's what I've managed to turn up quickly as the appropriate syntax.  This 
> really ought to be documented somewhere, but if you can't find anything 
> either, you may find some source code useful.
> http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/icecast/2005-March/008962.html

Figured it out.  Using Ices, I can either write to stdin or a file.  

Using a file method:

$ cat metadata 
artist=Eugene Oregon

$ ps -ax |grep ices

$ kill -SIGUSR1 [pid of ices]

Writing to stdin method:

Partial answer is to use Icecast webserver:

(One issue I have to remember, I have have permission to write to where
ever I'm going to write/put the metadata or having to login with

I would imagine using stdin, and as long as I'm on the host, I should be
able to do something like:
$cat metadata >

Probably the best solution for now:

My thoughts are to write a ~/.dsctl/metadata and have the *dsctl program
output metadata there and the user specify the location of the metadata
file.  If I can do this without much interruption of streaming with
using the kill SIGUSR1, metatags will probably have a change interval of
around 1 second.  (right?)

(*Dsctl is a program used to monitor this device's alpha tags because
only analog audio is being piped into the line-in of the sound card.)

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Mon Jul 16 11:35:13 PDT 2007

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