[Icecast-dev] Ezstream Program Call Patch

Guillaume Pellerin yomguy at altern.org
Thu Dec 15 16:31:48 PST 2005

Daniel Ballenger a écrit :
> Alrighty,
> Got it patched and working (at least in my one setup).  You can pull
> the patch from:
> http://denetron.com/~dballenger/ezstream-program.patch
> (I can post the pre-patched source too if people would like)

Ok, it compiles fine on debian Sarge !

> You'll have to add a "<filetype></filetype>" line into your config
> files, just put "file" if you want it to work just by reading that
> file or playlist.
> Put "script" (no quotes) for it to use the filename path as the
> program to fetch the media file path from.
> If some people could give it a whirl and make sure it works in other
> setups I would appreciate it.

But can't load the script with this kind of config :

   <svrinfoname>$POINT @ $RADIO, $TOWN ($DESRIPTION)</svrinfoname>

It makes :

Connecting to http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx...SUCCESS.
Streaming /home/xxxxxx/stream/ezstream_feed.sh
Opening file (/home/xxxxxx/stream/ezstream_feed.sh)
Songinfo is (ezstream_feed)
Streaming /home/xxxxxxx/stream/ezstream_feed.sh
Opening file (/home/xxxxxx/stream/ezstream_feed.sh)
etc, etc ..

with this horrible loop :(

Is that all right for you ?
By the way, I'd like to know what is the main function of your script.. Do you just need to make an 
"echo" or something ?

Thank you very much !

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