[Icecast-dev] Ezstream

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Tue Dec 13 06:51:43 PST 2005

all patches/feature enhancements for ezstream should be posted to this 
listserv (icecast-dev) as ezstream is part of the icecast project.  Keep in 
mind that ezstream was created to be just that (easy) and even reencoding 
was added with a bit of controversy of wether or not it belongs in there at 
all..  Ezstream was written as a replacement for "shout" which was a simple 
(and horribly broken) program which showed how to use libshout.  If you are 
looking for a fully featured console-based streamer, both ices 0.4 (mp3) 
and ices2 (vorbis/theora/speex) are much better choices.  This is why you 
don't find many playlist features, a web interface, or other features that 
other streamers tend to have.  I don't mean to discourage anyone from 
extending ezstream (heck, that's why it was written) and all extensions do 
need to be posted and published, however I am very careful about adoption 
into the main ezstream program.

At 12:43 AM 12/13/2005, Daniel Ballenger wrote:
>Greetings, I'm currently working on a program which utilizes Ezstream and 
>Icecast2 (http://r404.sf.net). This project operates off a binary file 
>generating the next file to be played, eztream had the funcalitiy required 
>(mp3 -> ogg support on the fly) and seemed simple enough so I'm writing 
>the modifications to ezstream to support getting the path off of a binary. 
>My question, who should I get in contact with about this patch once I have 
>it completed (to possibility get it included in the source)? Also, I had a 
>question about adding a field to the config file which hopefully can be 
>answered by the person from my first question. Thanks, Daniel -- Daniel 
>Ballenger http://denetron.com Sr. Systems Administrator - Denetron 
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