[Icecast-dev] Ezstream

Guillaume Pellerin yomguy at altern.org
Tue Dec 13 02:15:28 PST 2005

Hi !

the developper of Ezstream is : oddsock at oddsock.org

Daniel Ballenger wrote:

>> Greetings,
>> I'm currently working on a program which utilizes Ezstream and
>> Icecast2 (http://r404.sf.net).
>> This project operates off a binary file generating the next file to be
>> played, eztream had the funcalitiy required (mp3 -> ogg support on the
>> fly) and seemed simple enough so I'm writing the modifications to
>> ezstream to support getting the path off of a binary.

Do you mean that one could add mp3 in the playlist during the playing ? This
would be very fun since I have to restart ezsream each time I add a mix in my
radio (http://cellar.alchimix.org). But I really want to keep this light
program, the only one that just send real mp3 or ogg (maybe flac and theora ?  ;)
) without reencoding...

I made a tool which uses restartd to restart a given stream when it's shut down.
Would you be interested ?

I've also made a package for Debian here : http://yomix.org/debian/
and I'm ready to upload it in the distrib, but I'd like the pb of infinite loop
when the playlist is empty to be solved before...

G. Pellerin


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