[Icecast-dev] osx and icecast

brian lorraine nastyjackhb at gmail.com
Sun Nov 28 15:51:55 PST 2004

I've got two quick q's about icecast. If these two q's have already
been answered, could someone let me know when so I know where to look
in the archives?

Here's the siutation. Macamp has now gone bunk and I need to broadcast
my dj show from my home to a server that has NullSoft shoutcast. The
dj's normally use winamp's shoutcast plugin to broadcast to the
shoutcast server.

Q1) Is ICECAST the program I need to send my signal to another
sever... or is it IceS that i'm looking for?

Q2) If the answer to Q1 is "IceS", can I send my broadcast to a
nullsoft server. I using icecast as a server is supposedly compatibile
with winamp/shoutcast clients sending their signal to it... but is the
reverse true? Can the shoutcast SERVER take a signal from an icecast

->Brian Lorraine
brian at parliamentdesign.com
VB/perl programmer

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