[icecast-dev] more on default values....

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Mon May 17 08:23:34 PDT 2004

> well, we know the *reported* bitrate of the stream...although, we don't do 
> any decoding of the stream to determine the bitrate...

How do you think we read the comments?  If it's not grabbing the bitrate
now out of the vorbis header, it could be trivially modified to do so,
since we already parse the Ogg structure.  For MP3, this is even easier.
So probably just extend the filetype API to add this query
(get_bitrate_of_stream() or something), then use that if it's nonzero,
and use the reported bitrate if it is zero (maybe there is a type which
we can't tell, or for which it is too expensive to tell, or for which
the bitrate varies more than is reasonable).  This at least would work
almost all the time.

Or perhaps allow the option to be used either way:

<burst-buffer>2000ms</burst-buffer> or 

> FWIW, the default size currently set in the config was calculated assuming 
> a 128kbps or less stream and assuming the client buffer size to be that of 
> a default winamp and foobar2000 install.  I haven't looked at XMMS, but I 
> would assume that it would coincide to the Winamp/Foobar setting..

We should create a page in the wiki documenting such settings instead of
poking around to look for them every time we need them.  Then we can
recruit others to find out information for Quicktime, iTunes, etc.

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