[Icecast-dev] MySQL/HTTP Auth

andrew at tranceairwaves.com andrew at tranceairwaves.com
Thu Dec 30 15:49:43 PST 2004

 	I have read alot of the archives, and looked over the development 
of listener authentication, and wondered if anyone has a working version 
with MySQL enabled ? as it seems more in 'development' however I would 
like to give it a try.

 	Any pointers appreciated, or patches I can apply ... to the 
current 2.2.0 release.

 	Also any thoughts on doing a http style, I have seen one mention 
of it, but cant find it, ie. making a http request, with say

GET /<definable-string-containting-mountpoint>
Authorisation: Basic <blah>
Agent: Icecast

 	Just curious, as it may allow integration some segments of the 



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