[Icecast-dev] metadata update - possible to send adminpass in

Karl Heyes karl
Mon Aug 2 08:43:27 PDT 2004

update string?
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On Mon, 2004-08-02 at 13:25, Nagy Gergely - K?k Duna R?di? wrote:
> Hello everybody, hello Karl!


> Sorry for my horrible English. I'm a newbie in icecast2.
> I would like to use the
> /admin/metadata?mount=/mymount.ogg&mode=updinfo&song=New%20Title
> string to update metadata with -kh48 (to update metadata with ogg stream
> :) ) but I couldn't find how to insert admin username and admin password
> into this string.

updating an ogg stream via url is not really recommended, or even tested
each release as it is best to do that at the source client. The
mechanism is there purely for common MP3 handling

There is a compilable module for handling vorbis only metadata via url
insertions in the kh tree but that may not be working, due to some
changes for theora. If it isn't then it won't be a major problem, but
I'll have to check it later on.

> Is it possible to send admin username and admin password with this string
> (LIKE it is used with shoutcast servers:
> http://...:8000/admin.cgi?pass=herecomespassword&mode=updinfo&song=newtitle )

icecast2 uses http auth so you should be able to use



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