[icecast-dev] proposal: new library, libicecommon

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Sat Apr 3 06:07:35 PST 2004

At 12:42 AM 4/3/2004, you wrote:
>On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 10:19:43PM -0600, oddsock wrote:
>I agree combining the helper modules makes sense. However, I'd suggest 
>supporting a static link to
>a local build within the ice* source trees, so you can still do a separate 
>checkout and have
>things 'just work'.

what exactly are you referring to with a "static link" ?

>What about the components that are shared between libshout and ice*? Would 
>we just be making those
>interfaces public so they could be explicitly shared through libicecommon?

not sure which components you are referring to.. icecast doesn't need 
libshout, ices does need libshout.  Both ices and icecast need the modules 
I'm proposing combining into icecommon, but libshout does not.  I guess 
probably what you are referring to is the dependency on libshout and what 
would become libicecommon.

although there is no dependency between icecast and libshout, I wouldn't be 
adverse to encorporating libshout into icecommon, or we could encorporate 
all of icecommon into libshout.  Looks like the only module that is 
currently NOT part of libshout is LOG.  So it could be that we can solve 
this problem by simply :

1. Adding LOG to libshout
2. Adding libshout as a dependency for icecast.

thoughts ?

>This also doesn't help with the 'm4' module.
yes, I agree, any ideas on that ?


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