[icecast-dev] icecast2 ogg vorbis client request headers

Likai Liu news at likai.net
Fri Apr 2 10:29:16 PST 2004

On Fri, 2 Apr 2004, oddsock wrote:

> a simple conversation protocol will be developed, but you can expect something
> like the following :
> 1. client connects to mount point
> 2. icecast makes a URL call passing in mountpoint, username, password

cyrus-sasl can handle this, but I'm not sure if people like to figure out
how to configure cyrus-sasl. what about just a local script that 
decides the authentication outcome, and such a program can connect to 
another URL, or do sasl lookup, etc.

furthermore, I think it makes sense to also pass on the IP address of the 

the "ice-auth script" would take several arguments (tentatively).

ice-auth <ip address> <mountpoint> <username> <password>

and possibly let the stdout tell what to do. this should be very easy to
implement and debug, and the performance on Unix should be okay (though
... oh well, on Windows, this is more expensive).

> 3. icecast checks the return of the URL call and either allows the client to
> proceed, or disconnects immediately.

Or be served an alternative stream (such as an mp3 recording of a gentle
voice, "you're not allowed to listen ... blah blah blah"). Redirection
probably doesn't work since a number of clients don't support response 302
Moved. So the alternative stream has to be served implicitly.

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