[icecast-dev] Icecast's YP bugs

Michael Smith msmith at xiph.org
Wed Jun 25 00:31:28 PDT 2003

> I don't understand... this option turns on any form of MP3 metadata
> being included in the stream.. so, is this right, that if this were to
> be turned off then XMMS would no longer get updates on the current song
> title/etc.. information such as would be provided by an ID3 tag?

mp3 streaming as done by shoutcast and icecast does not (and cannot) use ID3 
tags. The source streamer might use ID3 tags in the original material to 
generate the metadata, but icecast never sees that.

> This is nessesary information.. just the "shoutcast" part of the tag is
> confusing, why not say "relay-mp3-metadata" instead?

It's a shoutcast protocol. This option turns on using this protocol for 
relays. It won't turn on any other mp3 metadata protocols. 

> I'm not concerned with how players see anything right now, tho that is a
> concern I guess.  I'm concerned with getting the vitals - the stream
> name, genre, and description, to be relayed to a YP server when Icecast2
> is relaying a Shoutcast stream.  Currently it does not, this is missing
> functionality that needs to be provided because currently it's "breaking
> protocol" (as defined by Oddsock's Icecast2 YP document) by sending add
> requests without a stream name.  go back a few emails, see where this
> came from.. one of three bugs in Icecast's YP support.  A fairly minor
> one compaired to the memory leak bug, but still very problematic for us.

Ok. I guess I don't see these as 'vitals' - which is why we were talking about 
different things. 

Probably a bug in the stats header parser or the YP code. Shouldn't be hard to 
fix (I can't - don't have cvs access from work, don't have internet access 
from home, currently - but there are several developers who know how the 
stats stuff works)


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