[icecast-dev] Icecast's YP bugs

Arc arc at indymedia.org
Tue Jun 24 23:42:00 PDT 2003

On Wed, Jun 25, 2003 at 04:27:58PM +1000, Michael Smith wrote:
> >
> > notice that, with exception of the last, they're all ice-* not icy-*...
> > prehaps this is incompatable with the way most players operate to get
> > stream data?  Is this a typo?
> No. This is deliberate. There could be a bug in the code that takes these 
> headers and puts bits of them into the stats core, though. Maybe it only 
> checks for the ice-* variants, not the icy-* (shoutcast) ones.

But what about the header data getting relayed correctly?

> > Is there harm in having it turned on for 1) MP3 streams which origionate
> > from a Icecast2 server, and 2) for Ogg streams origionating from a
> > Icecast2 server?  Should it be on or off, in other words, for best
> > preformance?
> 1) No, this is the intended use (if the mp3 stream has metadata).
> 2) No, it will have no effect in that case at all.
> For best performance it should always be turned off, though. The mp3 metadata 
> support is NOT high performance (due to bad protocol design by the shoutcast 
> people, it can't be, unless we introduce large buffering overheads, thus 
> drastically increasing latency).

I don't understand... this option turns on any form of MP3 metadata
being included in the stream.. so, is this right, that if this were to
be turned off then XMMS would no longer get updates on the current song
title/etc.. information such as would be provided by an ID3 tag?

This is nessesary information.. just the "shoutcast" part of the tag is
confusing, why not say "relay-mp3-metadata" instead?

> Hrmm... Suddenly, an idea strikes me. Are you talking about the in-stream 
> metadata at all? (that's what I was talking about). This is what comes up in 
> the directories as 'now playing' information, and is sent to clients that 
> support it. 
> If you're just talking about the header info (stream name, description, etc.), 
> then the relay-shoutcast-metadata option won't have any effect. If that 
> doesn't work, it could be a minor bug in how these headers are parsed and 
> sent down to the stats core.

I'm not concerned with how players see anything right now, tho that is a
concern I guess.  I'm concerned with getting the vitals - the stream
name, genre, and description, to be relayed to a YP server when Icecast2
is relaying a Shoutcast stream.  Currently it does not, this is missing
functionality that needs to be provided because currently it's "breaking
protocol" (as defined by Oddsock's Icecast2 YP document) by sending add
requests without a stream name.  go back a few emails, see where this
came from.. one of three bugs in Icecast's YP support.  A fairly minor
one compaired to the memory leak bug, but still very problematic for us.

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