[icecast-dev] Icecast2 YP extention

oddsock oddsock at oddsock.org
Sat Jun 21 14:13:10 PDT 2003

At 04:44 PM 6/21/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>I think we definetly need to get YP authentication into Icecast2 soon,
>but I'd like to propose an extension to the draft now...

can you be more specific on what you mean by YP authentication ?

>with action=add:
>  banner=URL
>This allows the Icecast2 server to supply a URL for a graphical banner
>to represent the radio stream instead of just it's name.  On the server
>end it could fetch this URL, scale/convert it as needed, and prehaps use
>it with the name below it... or it could just ignore it.

yp related server info is currently only specified in the source 
client.  In my opinion, icecast2 should not be the place where this 
information is stored.

>In addition it appears that part of the YP protocol currently in use is
>undocumented, the command that provides the "home url" for the
>broadcast.  apparently, if not given, this defaults to the URL of the YP
>server on oddsock and icecast.net.

I agree I should update the spec that I have to mention that "url" is an 
optional parameter.  Although I'm not sure what you are recommending 
here.  Or is this just an observation ?  For optional parameters, it's up 
to the YP implementation to perform whatever logic it wants to..In my case, 
if URL is not supplied, the actual href value ends up being ""...IE ends up 
defaulting this value to the current page you are on...

>I believe that alot of this stuff can/should be implemented directly in
>Icecast, in the mountpoint section, and does not require anything
>special on the source-end.

I disagree, unless you'd like to completely rewrite how the yp is 
implemented, then all yp-related information comes from the source 
client...I personally don't think it belongs specified in the icecast2 
config file...


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