[icecast-dev] ambiguity in sample ices config files

Štìpán Brož peacef at wo.cz
Tue Jan 28 10:59:11 PST 2003

Hello Csillag,

Tuesday, January 28, 2003, 7:39:22 PM, you wrote:

CK> [please cc the answers to me, because I'm not on this list!]

CK> Hi there!

CK> Yesterday I downloaded the CVS version of icecast and ices.
CK> There are several example config files provided for ices in the
CK> conf/ directory.

CK> The ices-playlist.xml specifies encoding for one of the instances:

CK> <encode>
CK>         <nominal-bitrate>64000</nominal-bitrate>
CK>         <samplerate>44100</samplerate>
CK>         <channels>2</channels>
CK> </encode>

CK> One would thing that this means that the resulting vorbis stream
CK> will be 64kbps.

CK> But that's not the way things work!

CK> If "managed" is not set to 1, ices does not respect the nominal-bitrate
CK> setting, but uses VBR encoding instead, with the default quality=3.

Yes, you are right :). That's the Vorbis default. Try out these
options: maximum-bitrate, minimal-bitrate and quality. You can set
things up. If you set the "managed" flag, the bitrate is more
respected, but the quality may be (and actually is) lower.
BTW, vorbis is "VBR-based", so no constant-bitrate option will never
be available, afaik. (Well, constant-bitrate sucks :))).

CK> ( See the encode_initialise function in encode.c! )

CK> I think the sample config-file should be modified to illustrate all
CK> possible encoding modes. The current version is definitely misleading.

I'm sure that the sample config file will be modified and
documentation will be created as well, but Icecast is still in
alpha... Programmers don't write documentation ;). We all have to

BTW, I'm impatient too :).

Stepan Broz, aka Kato

mailto:peacef at wo.cz

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