[icecast-dev] ambiguity in sample ices config files

Csillag Kristóf fenwick at freemail.hu
Tue Jan 28 11:12:19 PST 2003

2003-01-28, k keltezéssel tìpán Bro ezt írta:
> Hello Csillag,

> Yes, you are right :). That's the Vorbis default. Try out these
> options: maximum-bitrate, minimal-bitrate and quality. You can set
> things up. If you set the "managed" flag, the bitrate is more
> respected, but the quality may be (and actually is) lower.
Yeah, I've already done that. (I consider the source a perfectly
sufficient documentation. :)

I wrote this letter to suggest you to change the example file (which is

> BTW, vorbis is "VBR-based", so no constant-bitrate option will never
> be available, afaik. (Well, constant-bitrate sucks :))).
Yes it does, but it's sometimes needed for radio streaming.

> CK> I think the sample config-file should be modified to illustrate all
> CK> possible encoding modes. The current version is definitely misleading.
> I'm sure that the sample config file will be modified and
> documentation will be created as well, but Icecast is still in
> alpha... Programmers don't write documentation ;).
Yes, I know that :) I consider myself a programmer.
But a few more lines in the config file would not hurt...
...you see, it's not documentation, because it's a functional part
of the system. 

> We all have to wait.
No, we all have to code! :)

Csillag Kristóf <fenwick at freemail.hu>

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