[icecast-dev] various patches to ices2 using dsp

Karl Heyes karl at pts.tele2.co.uk
Sun Jan 26 08:35:09 PST 2003

Summary - 3 fixes, posted one of these on the icecast list already but
this is a better place to put them whilst Mike is away.  All these came
about because of some DSP input checking.

metadata fix

Remove race of pthread conditional at start, allowing the metadata
thread to service metadata requests.  Avoid clearing of metadata flag on
interrupted read.

metadata-to-input-sleep diff

Make only playlist and stdinpcm inputs sleep, can cause some severe
audio problems with live input, verified against a known SB-Live setup.

metadata-2 fix

Add parameter "metadatastartup" to dsp input to read the metadata
immediately at startup (no initial signal required).  This patch also
adds a logging of the metadata actually added to the outgoing stream.

Applying patches in the above order should be ok.


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