[icecast-dev] bug report w.r.t. streaming of metadata in icecast

Richard Fromm rfromm at inktomi.com
Tue Aug 7 12:56:48 PDT 2001

i've been trying to get title streaming of metadata to work with icecast
1.3.10.  i've found what i believe to be a bug -- is this the right place to
file a bug report?

it appears that this information should be periodically inserted into the data
stream.  the behavior that i was seeing was that the information was appearing
a maximum of one time and sometimes zero times.

i believe there is a bug in the following line in write_chunk_with_metadata()
in source.c.  here is the original:

                if (source->info.udpseqnr == clicon->food.client->udpseqnr) {

and here is the change:

                if (clicon->food.client->use_udp && source->info.udpseqnr == clicon->food.client->udpseqnr) {

if the client is connecting with tcp, then i assume that the comparision of
udp sequence numbers is meaningless.  therefore, does any use of udpseqnr
within a client_t structure need to be conditioned with use_udp ?

in my local copy, this is the only instance that i changed, and it indeed
causes the metadata to appear periodically within the stream.

my guess, however, is that all instances of client_t.udpseqnr need to be
conditioned with client_t.use_udp

- rich fromm

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