[Flac-users] Fingerprint Verification Problem

Paino, Christopher L YN1(AW) (CPF N0084) PainoCL at cpf.navy.mil
Fri Sep 27 11:50:06 PDT 2002


Amazing work you folks have been doing!  

I don't know if this is the proper place to talk about this, but this looks
like the best place to start!

I've been messing with the latest version of FLAC and as an end-user I have
this problem.  The verification process currently does not use the
fingerprint file during verification.  So, only the integrity of the FLAC
file is checked.  That's great if I only want to know that my files
downloaded correctly and will decompress without problems.  However, I also
want to be certain that the audio contained within the FLAC file is
identical to the originally seeded audio.

As I read it, the only way to do this is to export a new fingerprint file
and then manually compare the new one to the original fingerprint file that
was included with the seed.

This to me is highly inefficient and will lead to people not verifying the
audio at all and that will lead to chaos in the seed pools.

Maybe this is a problem for the FLAC Front-end people.  Can anybody direct
this concern to them, or let me know how I can do it myself?  

Thanks for your time,

Chris Paino
painoman at hawaii.rr.com
painocl at cpf.navy.mil

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