[flac-dev] Enabling universal building of libFLAC

Martijn van Beurden mvanb1 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 18 14:19:18 UTC 2022

Op zo 18 sep. 2022 om 16:06 schreef brianw <brianw at audiobanshee.com>:

> When you refer to "runtime variables," do you really mean build time?

Yes, build time. That was formulated wrong.

I would assume that the source code does not need to change in order to
> support multiple architectures on macOS, but the compiler and/or make
> options may need to change.

What I mean by changing code is mostly changing preprocessor defines.
Certain code is included or excluded from compilation by the preprocessor
based on defines that use variables set or unset by the configure or CMake
configuration. However, if these decisions need to be made at build time
instead of at configuration time for MacOS, these preprocessor defines
needs to change, hence the source code needs to change.

It might be possible to not touch the code by solving this in config.h for
CMake. In CMake config.h one can add conditional statements. I'm unsure
whether that is also possible for configure.

One could choose to support universal building only through CMake, as this
seems to easier to solve.

> I have not dug into the details yet. If someone does not find a solution
> before I get back from vacation, I'll take a look. Usually, Xcode makes
> this easy, and Xcode even produces a Makefile that works outside of the GUI
> Xcode.app (i.e. it supports command-line building), so that might be a
> reasonably quick option. However, I admit that keeping Xcode files up to
> date - like any other GUI build environment - might not be worth the
> effort, but at least the Makefile could be useful.

It could be such a Makefile provides clues on how and where to change the
build system as it is, yes.
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