[flac-dev] Updated MSVC patch

Ben Allison benski at winamp.com
Fri Mar 8 10:01:26 PST 2013

> Are the changes for FLAC/ordinals.h really necessary? Yhe FLAC/*.h
> header files specify libFLAC's public API. In a previous thread on
> this mailing list back in February we decided that for compilers
> that didn't supply <stdint.h> the developer should supply something
> suitable. Here's the commit:

Yes, they are necessary.  Here is the rationale

1) FLAC/ordinals.h is a public header file, so replacing this file with an
MSVC-compatible version is not only the responsibility of a developer
building libFLAC, but also a developer using libFLAC.

2) Mistakes made by a developer supplying a custom implementation of
FLAC/ordinals.h and trying to link against a pre-built libFLAC.dll can
lead to ABI incompatibility.

3) I understand requiring developers to provide an implementation for
lesser-used niche compilers and development environments, such as embedded
systems, but Visual Studio 2008 and prior represent a huge portion of

-Ben Allison

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