[flac-dev] Sourceforge website redirecting

Martijn van Beurden mvanb1 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 26 02:13:05 PDT 2013

On 26-06-13 09:06, Erik de Castro Lopo wrote:
> If someone has a link to Windows or Mac binaries for the latest 
> release, please let us know and we will update the download page. We 
> may even be willing to host the binaries on the Xiph web site. Hope 
> this clears things up.

There are already quite a lot of binaries out there. I've extensively 
checked (running make fullcheck in the minGW environment) and tested the 
following package, because it is bundled with the new FLAC frontend 
package. I've had no complaints so far. A direct link is probably not a 
good idea however.


Janne Hyvärinen has a compile here as well.


Beside that there's a whole bunch of different compiles with for example 
the Intel compiler and minGW here: 

But that's all Windows, I haven't seen any Mac binaries yet.

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