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Burak Orçun Özkablan borcunozkablan at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 07:48:32 PDT 2013


I am developing an audio network system and using boost, OpenAL and FLAC
library in C/C++.
I can stream raw audio data over network but I want to encode audio before
streaming in current PC and decode after streaming in other PC because of
bandwidth limit.

I run your sample codes, encode.c and decode.c, about file encode / decode.
Then, I run
streaming encode / decode with two different source codes but when I use
streaming encode / decode over network in real-time, code throws LOST_SYNC
exception and only reading callback runs not writing callback after

How can I solve sync problem over network? Is it possible over network or
does FLAC stream with file?

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Burak Orçun ÖZKABLAN

Computer Science Engineer

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