[flac-dev] Flac and SourceForge

Martijn van Beurden mvanb1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 04:56:09 PST 2012

On 27-12-12 12:30, Max Horn wrote:
> 1) Status of the flac website repository: As I pointed out, there is a 
> copy of the website in flac.git, which has diverged from the new 
> website in flac-website.git. How do you want to proceed with that? For 
> three alternatives on how to deal with that, and a discussion of 
> issues with either of them, please see my other email 
> (<http://lists.xiph.org/pipermail/flac-dev/2012-December/003534.html>)

I just ran a diff between the current flac-website git and the flac-git 
"docs" website to see which differences there are.
1) It seems Josh did use a static website generator, as all files have 
some differences in the header and footer. The "docs" website from the 
flac.git has 2009 added to the copyright comment and footer, has the 
AVFreedom and Sourceforge banners which seem to have been removed when 
transferring everything to the git (as they are on flac.sourceforge.net 
now) but it lacks a feed (and the links to it)
2) The comparison page now in the git (and on the sourceforge page) is 
quite a bit newer than the one in de 'docs'
3) The changelog in the docs-website indeed adds 1.2.2, but a few lines 
(all buffer overflow vulnarabilities?) have been removed. Furthermore, 
the docs-website links to sourceforge.net/tracker2 instead of /tracker
4) The 'known major bugs' section in documentation_bugs refers to 
version 1.2.1 on the flac-website.git but to 1.1.4 in the docs website.
5) The documentation_tasks file in the flac-website git is newer
6) in documentation_tools_flac the docs website features more examples 
and it seems newer as some spelling mistakes which occur in the current 
website (and flac-website.git) are corrected in the docs website and has 
one note marking an option as deprecated
7) in the FAQ, the flac-website.git one seems newer as one question 
(regarding float-samples) has been added
8) format.html seems newer in the flac-website.git, as it has one URL 
corrected, however, the docs website one adds some 'frame header notes'
9) the id page on the flac-website.git seems newer, it has more IDs
10) The frontpage and newspage differ (because the were updated recently 
of course)
11) The license page in flac-website.git has one link corrected
12) The links pages differ a lot, but the flac-website.git seems newer.

That's all. I checked only the english part, not the russian. There were 
a lot of differences which I think are caused by Erik's 'scraping' of 
the sourceforge pages. For most pages, the current flac-website.git is 
newer, except the changelog, documentation_tools_flac and format pages. 
For the latter two someone has to take a look, I'm not the right person 
to fix that. :)

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