[flac-dev] Status of flac; new release?

Max Horn max at quendi.de
Wed Dec 12 14:56:33 PST 2012

On 12.12.2012, at 20:10, Ralph Giles wrote:

> On 12-12-12 10:47 AM, Max Horn wrote:
>> If you point me to the sources of the site (is there a repos for it?), I'll be happy to provide a patch for this, too!
> The new site repo is https://git.xiph.org/flac-website.git

Hum. Actually, I just noticed that the website is also in the flac repos itself, under doc/html/

The nasty part is: They differ in a lot of ways. Indeed, the one inside flac.git claims to be newer (last updated 2009) than the one in flac-website (last updated 2007?). On the other hand, download.html in flac.git links to flac-1.2.1a.exe  while ine flac-website.git it links to flac-1.2.1b.exe -- still, I wonder if there are other discrepancies?

Now, let's suppose we review the changes and merge them over if necessary (I assume this should be doable by going back to the head revision of flac-website.git, before any cleanups; easy enough). Several questions pop up:

1) Do you prefer to keep the website in a separate repository, as it is now? If yes, the copy in flac.git/doc/html should be removed. If no, flac-website.git should be removed.

2) In either case, the history should be consolidated: Either by suitable cherry picking / grafting the recent flac-website.git history over flac.git. Or else by re-creating flac-website.git: First, use "git filter-branch" to make a copy of the flac.git/doc/html dir with full history (but with that dir as root dir), then graft the handful commits of flac-website.git atop that. I have experience doing that and can be of assistance, if so desired.

3) What about the doxygen generated API docs? Keeping a static copy as in flac-website.git is not a good solution... 

One way would be to just remove the API docs from git completely, and rely on running doxygen on the webserver, perhaps by a cron job. Or perhaps you want to have it in the repository. If flac-website.git is abolished, that is easy enough to do. If flac-website.git is kept, then a way to achieve this would be to use the git submodule feature to place a copy of flac-website into flac.git/doc/html ... although this would somewhat defeat the idea behind keeping the website separate.

(Personally, I think generated doxygen docs should not be part of the repos, but that's just me).


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