[Flac-dev] (Universal) Ambisonic implementation

Brian Willoughby brianw at sounds.wa.com
Mon Sep 21 16:09:25 PDT 2009

Isn't there a standard option to place FLAC data within an Ogg  
container?  I don't use it myself, but I understand that it is quite  
popular.  Would it be possible to interleave multiple FLAC blocks  
this way?  In other words, can Ogg suffice as the second level of  
grouping that you refer to?

Brian Willoughby
Sound Consulting

On Sep 21, 2009, at 15:04, Martin Leese wrote:

e deleflie <edeleflie at gmail.com>
> ok, I do realise that the extending the maximum channel count may be
> difficult ... there's gotta be a way to do it though.

Perhaps a comparison of the FLAC structure
with that of Vorbis will help.

Within a FLAC stream the audio is split into
blocks which are grouped (interleaved).  But
within each block the eight channels are
chained (sequential).  This makes sense
when there is a maximum of only eight

Within a Vorbis stream the audio is split into
frames which are grouped (interleaved).
Because a Vorbis stream can contain up to
256 channels, within each frame the channels
are also grouped (interleaved).

So, significantly increasing the number of
channels in a FLAC stream is not simple.  It
would require a second level of grouping
(interleaving).  In fact, it would require a whole
new file format.


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