[Flac-dev] FLAC support for Android?

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Tue Feb 24 23:00:07 PST 2009


(apologies for losing the link before ;-)

That bug report seems to point out the right places.

Here's some more thoughts about making OpenMAX components for free
codecs (also thinking about other codecs like Theora and Speex):

After some discussions at FOMS last month, we might be able to get a
few people together and co-ordinate this through Xiph.org.


2009/2/24 Ben McCann <ben at benmccann.com>:
> I envisioned this being implemented as a patch to Android at the OS level.
> It looks like Android has native decoders which the media player and Java
> APIs call.  My understanding is that T-Mobile pushes out over the air
> updates of the operating system every so often.  For example, there's a new
> version of the Android OS called Cupcake in the works.  Patching the OS
> would allow the default media player and third party media players to play
> FLAC files on updated versions of the OS.
> Conrad, you mentioned the OpenMax IL components.  I've posted links in the
> bug report to existing places in the code base that we'd have to hook into.
> Perhaps you could peek at those links and point to a place in the code where
> there's an existing OpenMax component implementation to use as an example?
> I'm pretty strong with Java, but since it turns out this needs to be done
> natively, I'm not sure whether I would have the ability to patch Android
> myself.  I at least wanted to find out if anyone else was working on it and
> help come up with a design documented on the bug report, so that when
> someone eventually does tackle it there will be a game plan in place.  As a
> side note, if someone already involved in FLAC development were willing to
> work on the feature, I'm pretty optimistic I could connect you to somone on
> the Android side of things for design feedback, code reviews, etc.
> -Ben
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