[Flac-dev] stdint.h on Solaris 7

Roland Haeder r.haeder at web.de
Sat Dec 27 15:52:22 PST 2008

Hi together,

here is a little success tory how I got flac 1.2.1 (ZIP from downloads
page) compiled with Solaris 7:

First of all you need a lot packages from sunfreeware.com
If you have installed the required packages you may end up with an error
that says there is no stdint.h on your system.
On an other forum I have read upgrading to Solaris 10 "fixes" this
problem but that might not being an option to many people for their
different reasons.

Well, I just rewrote include/share/alloc.h, line 32 from stdint.h to
inttypes.h and it fixes!

Maybe you can try it and then fix in your lib?


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